Improving the quality of life of Carers in Telford & Wrekin


We will seek to remain objective, inclusive and act equitably; in all our projects, evaluation and recommendations. A carer led, current, credible organisation people can trust that promotes positive engagement with Carers.


Our objective is to encourage all aged carers to successfully face challenges, have their voice heard, and where possible support opportunities for self development and improved confidence, toward a better, stronger future.

Lead by example

We demonstrate our values by providing the same encouragement and support to our carer members, giving every possible opportunity to develop skills and self esteem  and recognising their value. Respect is integral to all we do.


Unpaid caregivers support life, well-being and independence and reduce the burden on our local economy. At the Carers Partnership Board, as carers and former carers, we are experts by experience and genuinely understand. We offer an independent perspective and are here to make a positive difference to the lives of all our region’s carers whatever their age, their role, their culture. Our goal is to EVALUATE, CHALLENGE and IMPROVE local implementation of government strategy and the use of resources to; a) Facilitate effective co-production; b) Empower carers by mentoring and education; c) Link carer support organisations d) Train and advise on Carer Needs and e) Create a carer friendly community through projects and innovations such as carer friendly employers. 


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